Meet Our Truckers!

Truck’n since the get go in 2012, Heather found her passion in mobile retail! After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, she became a full time trucker with The Trendy Truck! Immediately she was drawn to the DIY aspect of creating, scouting, and building vintage displays. Adding fashion to the mix was the cherry on top of this big mint blue sundae! (#dessertaficionada). Style is something that has always come naturally to Heather, so transitioning into a market for a personal shopping experience was the perfect fit. It wasn’t long until she realized her love affair with mobile retail would be permanent. In 2014, Heather officially became an owner of her beloved Trendy! Whether at the headquarters crafting up new displays, styling her fabulous clients, or behind the wheel of good ‘ole Trendy, Heather is up for the journey!  Want to join in on the mobile retail fun?  Let Heather help! As the Fort Lauderdale Chapter Ambassador for the American Mobile Retail Association (AMRA), Heather offers consultations and plenty of material for you to get started!  She’s basically a sucker for any chance to meet for a cup of coffee.
Cassy Cameron
Fashion and beauty has always been a huge passion for Cassy. Since she was a kid she was always playing with everyone’s hair and trying out new styles, so when she ended up at cosmetology school in Rochester, NY it was no surprise to anyone. In 2010 Cassy bought the salon she had been managing and hairstyling at for 3 years. Salon Utopia continues to grow as one of Coral Springs most beloved salons, and she still works as a full time hair stylist. She has always had a huge obsession with anything involving fashion, so when the opportunity for her to join The Trendy Truck became possible she jumped on it! To be able to enjoy both of her passions daily was a dream come true! Now Cassy is ready to hit the streets with style!