A Very Merry Trendy Truckmas



‘Tis the day night before Truckmas and we HO HO HOpe you’re sitting down for what you’re
about to read! Christmas came early to The Trendy Truck, so we’re wrapping our news up in the biggest red bow we can find!

This year Santa decided to ditch his sleigh for the summer… and we’ve followed suit! That’s right! We’ve parted with our good ole gal, Trendy, the 1973 Chevy Stepvan.  She will be truck’n on with a new owner ready for what life, and the road, brings!  As for us, we’re more excited than ever! I mean we’re like your little brother on Christmas morning running around waking up each family member saying “C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! It’s Christmas!” Then rummaging through and shaking every present just before vigorously tearing it open with the biggest smile imaginable! Yeah, that’s us!

When we were presented with this new opportunity our first thought was “How can we ever part with our beautiful mint green mobile machine!?” As bittersweet as it is, it was absolutely not a decision we took lightly!  We weighed all of our options (I guess you could say we made a list and checked it twice) and landed on the decision to continue on The Trendy Truck brand (sans truck…for now)!  We will continue to offer our trendsetting customers the convenience of “we come to you” shopping! Pop’n up shop will be no problem- just less truck and more racks! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good rack?!


So what now!? Well, we’ve flocked together and flamingled with some of Santa’s favorite elves to help answer any questions that may come up.

Q: Can I still book The Trendy Truck for my home party?

A: Heck yes girl! We are more than happy to come out and pop up shop either outside (weather permitting) or inside your home!

Q: Can I still earn Truck Bucks for hosting a home party?

A: Absofreakinglutely! Half the fun in shopping is getting a good deal!  Our Truck Bucks make it that much easier for our hostess to keep her trendy looks for FREE as her party total grows.

Q: Will my True Trucker Loyalty card still be valid?

A: YES! Anytime you come see us and spend over $20 we will go ahead and stamp your card! We are working on a way to offer that to our online customers as well! Stay tuned…

Q: How can I book The Trendy Truck?

A: For all shopping bookings, inquires, consultations, random thoughts, drink invites..(cough cough) etc… email Heather@trendytrucks.com or go to www.trendytrucks.com and fill out our contact form!

Q: Hey I want to shop your adorable Trendy items, but don’t necessarily want to book a home party…How can I shop?

A: Fear not!  All of our inventory will be available for purchase on our website (www.trendytrucks.com).  You can also comment sold, your size, and your email at any time on one of our social media posts and we will send you an invoice! Instagram: @thetrendytruck / Facebook: www.Facebook.com/TheTrendyTruck

Q: Is there anyway I can make an appointment to shop through the merchandise? I’m not much of an online shopper…

A: We will do our best to work with (and for) you! Our current headquarters located at 4911 Lyons Technology Pkway, Coconut Creek, FL. 33073 will be open by appointment until mid November! We will have ALL of our merchandise set up to look through, try on, and stare lovingly at! To book an appointment to come shop ’til you drop email Heather@trendytrucks.com. After that you can shop us online, at your next Home Party/ House Call, or at one of our future pop up shops!

Q: Now that the truck has retired to a new home, why will you still be called The Trendy Truck?

A: Trendy herself may have found a new loving home (sigh), but she will forever be a part of our fashion family! That being said, we will always be truckers at heart, whether it’s through our vintage trucking displays and with time… a new truck! Besides, we are still a mobile boutique… just more of a Nissan Pathfinder carrying the trendiest of trends ready to be set up!

Q: Will you be continuing to carry my favorite Trendy Truck brands onboard your…car?

A: We’ve fallen in love with our brands just as much as you have and will most definitely be continuing to purchase new inventory throughout the seasons!…The car is just for rack and clothing transport!

Have more questions? Or perhaps want us to put in a good word with ole St. Nick? Shoot us an email to Heather@trendytrucks.com.  The postage is much less than a letter to the North Pole.

Merry Truckmas to all- and to all a goodnight!

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