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We’ve been pop’n up shop at O-Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale the first Wednesday of every month for quite sometime now and it’s no secret why… THE FRIED CALAMARI AT YOLO.  We love this venue because the staff is beyond helpful, the ladies love to shop, and the drinks are delish. This event is highly recommended for a Girls Night Out or even a date night! We just really can’t get enough!  The best part?  If you’re coming from work and don’t want to wear the clothes you’ve been shlumping around in all day- we’ve got you covered!  Use our fitting room to transform your look!  And if that doesn’t work…drink until it does.

Find us at O-Lounge the first Wednesday of each month!10471182_800785633292591_2063115685351111471_n 11025127_800795243291630_6729316635920642008_n 1907591_800855746618913_8178538256193210843_n 10363329_673994082638414_3306121472348160361_n 10518645_788085537895934_7799122473333956012_n 10888863_776614589043029_5739505534335671443_n 10689846_745825198788635_1628411723816011809_n 10425452_746617818709373_8426129526181696942_n 10959300_788248821212939_2549087906614352934_n 10322840_685393971498425_7773076034022388745_n 10906584_776251882412633_7749136191391894113_n

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