Trick-or-Trendy: 8 Simple Ways to Stay Trendy This Halloween!

This ain’t a trick, but it is a treat!  In this post we’ll be showing off 8 simple Trendy Halloween costume ideas!  Let’s take your favorite Trendy Truck find and make it this years cutest costume!  Have an office party you need a quick costume for?  A Halloween date night?  Or maybe want to show a little scare flare when taking the kiddos trick-or-treating? These quick costumes will be perfect for a day at the office Halloween party or a night out at the bar! Don’t be the dud that doesn’t dress up this year…just look into your closet (or our truck)!

Trick-Or-Trendy Costume #1: Witching Night

IMG_3911 IMG_3942

 Floho Jumpsuit ($64) and just add a witches hat & broom! Want to spice it up a bit more?  Take some knee high green & black striped socks to complete this look!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume #2: Can’t Cage Me Caved Woman


We’re honing in on our inner cave woman with this look.  Our Animal Luxe Dress ($64) can be used for a number of costumes, but we’re loving how soft and trendy a cave woman can be!  Just add a plastic bone to your hair and a little club to swat away those pesky bar drunks!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume #3: Perfectly Peacock’d 


Our Buddy Love Painted Feather Romper ($82)  has been this season’s must have…and now it’s Halloween’s must have! Stand out with the deep plums & blues and get creative with your makeup!  To complete the look just add a few Peacock feathers or add some feathered wings like we have pictured!  (Feathers can be found at

Trick-or-Trendy Costume #4: Devine & Devilish


These Sleeveless Swing Dresses ($38) have been one hot commodity (pun intended).  Although it comes in several colors- what would Halloween be without a little devilish red?!  Pair with a bright red lip, sequin horns, and a little fire tail!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume #5: Haute & Heavenly 


You didn’t think we could resist posting an Angel costume did you!?  This White Laced Romper ($24 on sale) is so angelic on it’s own, but it’s Halloween so it’s all about accessorizing!  Add a small set of wings, a halo, and you’re good to go!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume # 6: Set Sailor Stay


Ahoy! We’re in full swoon mode with this little sailor number!  Our Buddy Love Basics Striped Maxi ($36 on sale) is so comfortable that you’ll be wishing it was your costume! Throw on a red lip, sailor bib, and signature sailor hat to complete this oceanic look!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume #7:  Sindian


Where’s John Smith when ya need him?! This sinful Indian is a great excuse to get use of your Fall finds this Halloween!  We’ve paired our Velvet Haze Dress ($42) & our Camel Suedette Vest ($58) with a feathered headband & walah! This could easily be done with any neutral tone outfit as well!

Trick-or-Trendy Costume 8: Hot, Haute, Hippie


Our boho finds & boho vibes created this look in seconds.  If you shop on the truck there’s a good chance you have all the items you need to make this Hippie costume come to life!  Here we’ve paired our Tribal Print Tunic ($38) and Baja Fringe Vest ($48) with pink flare sunglasses!  For a quick hair fix cut some twine and make it a headband!  (Disclaimer: peace sign fingers are a must in every photo you take on Halloween.  #peaceout)

Now it’s time you get to costume prep’n!  If you want to shop any of these Trendy Truck looks email or find us at one of our truck stops!

Happy Halloween to all of you #BadMotherTruckers!

Special thanks to Brittany & Brittany for getting truck’d up with us yesterday afternoon!


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